Born and Raised as Part of the Villa

Joel Peterson was part of the Villa long before he even knew it. Back in 1974, he spent some of his most memorable time taking classes from the one and only Marion Passante, Marty Passante’s lovely wife. She took a special interest in him, even calling him, “One of the best artists to come through her class.” In the early eighties, he was even asked to help paint the sets for a production of Guys and Dolls, which was presented in the then-new Forum Nightclub, with Marty himself as the lead, Nathan Detroit. They are both thrilled that his journey as an artist has brought him back to the Villa.

As both a designer and a writer his career has been filled with variety. Joel’s parents set the way for his life in the arts. His father, John Peterson, being the creator and writer of the Littles book series in 1967 opened up many doors for his son. After he passed in 2002, Joel had the honor of getting to add to the series in his own words with two holiday book specials. With a BA in Art from Binghamton University, and graduate classes in painting and 20th-century art from New Paltz he has had the ability to work in many fields such as the twice-weekly newspaper, Pipe Dream, as a graphics editor and in the printing business as the manager of the pre-press department.

Joel has indulged himself in the surroundings and when he came to the Villa Roma we couldn’t deny him a place with the people. Filled with knowledge about the arts in the area, he always has some decadent information to share with the guests. But Joel has more to offer than one conversation can convey. He took it upon himself to create a publication for the guests, locals, and surrounding area of Sullivan County. His passion bleeds into this publication in every essence of the word. From vinyl collections to steampunk festivals he helps all the secrets of the Catskills come to light.

The Roamin’ Tattler continues to grow as he releases new issues regularly, and special editions along the way, each one delving into the Catskills in a new and innovative manner.

“I’d Rather be Tattlin’.” – Joel Peterson

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