Our Promise, Our Pledge

To Our Villa Roma Family – Timeshare Owners, Guests, Staff & Community

First and foremost, we hope and pray that you are all staying healthy in these crazy times. Please remember that we are all in this together, and we will be coming together again soon.

We will always be guided by practices and thoughts that place the well-being of our resort family to the forefront of our actions. We want you to know that when you return to Villa Roma, you can be confident and trust in the steps we have taken to address the new uncertainties that we are confronted with today.

Of course, we cannot do this alone. We will need your help and support through this as well. We all realize that being at Villa Roma is all about friends and family coming together. Social distancing may make this a challenge, but we ask for your patience as we institute some of these measures. We also ask for you to take personal responsibility for both your safety and the safety of friends, family and staff that you will be interacting with. We will strive to make this as painless as possible and to preserve the trademark fun and camaraderie of the Villa Roma experience.

Golf course and surrounding hills.

In preparation of reopening, the following measures are being taken or considered to insure the health and safety of all.

GENERALLY: guests must refrain from hand shaking & hugging, no matter how difficult that may be.

  • The resort will adhere to social distancing in lobby, dining, activity and nightclub areas by establishing new setup arrangements and times.
  • Check-in procedures will be monitored for crowd control by instituting additional check-in locations, one -person party check-ins, individual staff assisted check-ins, and express check-outs only.
  • Signage posted throughout the resort reminding guests of safe practices, and of course, additional staff presence to answer any questions our guests may have.
  • Check-in times will be strictly enforced to ensure proper sanitizing prior to the next guests’ arrival. Guest Rooms and Timeshare Units will not be released for occupancy, under any circumstances, until all proper disinfectant procedures have been completed.

HOUSEKEEPING: Villa Roma has always practiced the best housekeeping procedures in our guest rooms and public areas. Under the new normal, Villa Roma has taken extra precautions for our guests’ safety.

  • The use of EPA approved cleaning and disinfectant products throughout the resort, with special emphasis on high touch-point locations.
  • The use of disinfectant sprayers in large public and activity areas such as the Outdoor Pool, Bumper Boats, Bounce Houses, Soft Play areas, Shuttle Buses, etc.
  • Abundant hand sanitizer stations in all Dining and Public areas
  • Increased Public Area Staffing

MEALS: The following are steps under consideration to ensure guest safety but to preserve the warmth of family dining.

  • There will be no buffets in any Villa Roma Dining Outlet.
  • Table spacing in all outlets will abide by the 6 feet apart rule, and seating at tables will be limited.
  • Seating times will be extended, or possibly 2 dinner seating choices
  • Tables & Chairs will be sanitized between each meal.
  • We will establish an aggressive “To-Go” program, to bring meals back to your room or unit.
  • There will be heightened hygiene, sanitizing & safety training of all Food & Beverage Staff, by Serve Safe Certified managers.
  • Grab & Go meals will be available in outlets such as the Pool Grill, Eleanor’s Pizzeria & Deli, and the Garden Café.

GUEST EXPERIENCES: Have fun, but stay safe! Assume personal responsibility.

  • More activities will be held outdoors in additional outdoor spaces spread throughout our 400-acre property. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at all activities. Activities may stress family vs family competitions, where families are kept separated during the games.
  • Indoor activities, including nightclub shows, will be held where seating and tables are separated to meet social distancing guidelines.
  • All activity equipment will be sanitized between uses.
  • The Outdoor Pool area may be the most challenging venue under the new normal. It’s the area where we will need the most guest cooperation to maintain a safe environment. Lounges, Chairs & Tables will need to be spaced further apart. Once set, they cannot be moved. More lounges will need to be placed outside the pool gates in order to make up for the social distancing placements inside the gates. Pool Towels will be provided at the outdoor Pool and we are requesting that you leave the towels as you exit the pool area. Please understand that these measures are being instituted for the health and safety of you, your family and all our other guests. It may not be what you are accustomed to, but a small sacrifice for one year will go a long way in stopping the spread and saving lives.
  • Guests are required to wear masks whenever possible when in the public areas of the resort.
  • To minimize the risk of touch-point transmission, only room charges will be accepted at all Villa Roma outlets. Therefore, all guests and timeshare owners will be required to present a credit card at check in. This will limit the interaction of guests and staff with cash and credit card transactions except at the Front Desk.

OUR STAFF: The members of the Villa Roma Team are our most precious resource and we will do all we can to ensure their safety and in turn, yours.

  • All staff will be required to wear masks and protective gloves where appropriate. These will be provided to our staff members by the Resort.
  • All staff will be monitored for virus symptoms and told to go and stay home.
  • Daily cleaning, sanitation and hygienic instruction will be provided to all team members.

LASTLY: if you or a member of your family are exhibiting virus symptoms prior to your arrival, PLEASE, STAY HOME and reschedule your visit to Villa Roma. There will be no cancellation penalties incurred.

When you are ready to return, remember, we will be here for you to provide a vacation experience that you can trust is safe.