The Perfect Catskills Getaway: Digital Detox at Villa Roma

A young woman finds solitude atop a mountain bluff.By now, we’ve all been affected by the global pandemic at some capacity. As we have converted our homes into makeshift offices and schools, it has become imperative for us to seek refuge from the daily grind in any way possible. One thing we can all do to alleviate the stresses associated with living in this time of uncertainty—while still practicing social distancing—is to disconnect for a while with a digital detox. A few studies have shown that excessive cellphone use can lead to increased anxiety, and so what better way to mitigate a megapixel-overload than to plan a Catskills getaway at Villa Roma Resort

Explore the Catskill Mountains

The idyllic scenery created by the Catskill Mountains provides a serene atmosphere seemingly designed for a digital detox. From the quaint towns to the winding rivers, this region offers a stunning array of natural beauty and majestic wonder for anyone fortunate enough to visit. Both the Hudson and Delaware River are renowned by outdoor enthusiasts for kayaking and canoeing, and American fly-fishing is said to have been derived in the Catskills Mountains area. This iconic setting is the perfect place to disconnect from the digital world and rediscover an untapped appreciation for the great outdoors. 

Not All Catskills Resorts Are Created Equal

Undergoing a digital detox doesn’t mean you have to spend your day fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. There are plenty of on-site activities at Villa Roma Resort for you and your group to partake. Besides organized activities, there are several outdoor sports available, including golf, bocce, and shuffleboard. Our on-site zipline, go-karts, climbing rock wall, and a hiking trail are sure to get you moving on your own accord, and if you want to fish, but don’t want to leave, we also have a catch-and-release fishing pond! 

A Digital Detox at Villa Roma Resort

For over 60 years, Villa Roma Resort has been the ultimate Catskill Mountain destination for those seeking escape from life’s rigmaroles. Whether you are here at our resort or gallivanting the Catskills, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the information and accommodations necessary to truly unplug and rediscover the things that make life worth living. Call us at 1-800-533-6767 or visit us online to learn about how we can facilitate your Catskills getaway.