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Nestled in upstate new york, you’ll find the beautiful property of Villa Roma. One of the best Catskill resorts in the area, this is the place to be before winter. Many people travel to our resort and ultimately the Catskill Mountains to get away for a few days or even a week of relaxation. You might be wondering why these mountains, as you can almost find a similar setting through the United States. 

Technically the mountains, are more like a Plateau and many tend to think that the Adirondack Mountains are associated with and compared to the Catskills. While they are not similar or connected these two geological areas in New York are solely worthy of a trip to visit the state.

Seasons are Changing

Fall is coming up, and we’re about to hit one of the best seasons you’ll ever see in New York. Many families enjoy taking a summer vacation as the weather is warmer and outdoor pools are open for the season. While summertime is sweet if you want to see the beauty of these mountains you have to come during the Harvest. When the leaves start to change color, and you’ll want to go for a drive through the Catskills. It’s a stunning occasion that only happens once a year. As the vibrant greenery shifts to bright reds, oranges, yellows, and even dark purples, you’ll be surrounded by incredible landscape scenery. Which is also perfect for any photo opportunity you could imagine. Plus, learn more about all the ways you can make the most out of your Villa Roma Stay when you check out our article here.

 Callicoon NY, Catskill Resorts, Catskill resorts all inclusive, Catskills NY Resorts, Catskills Resort/s, resorts in New YorkWhat to Do

Beyond our amazing resort, you’ll want to check out the incredible outdoor adventures throughout the mountains. Activities like hiking and biking are great or get your tastebuds tingling with fantastic farm-to-table meals, where you’ll get food straight from the garden to your plate. Looking for fresh food, give Table on Ten a try! Simple design on the outside should not deter you from entering. The Catskill food inside will incise all of your senses and make you happy you stopped by for a meal.

Hiking the mountains can be amazing, especially year-round. Whether in the summer, fall, winter, or spring brings something fun to the table with each season. As mentioned that you should visit during fall for the incredible color changing that takes place. You should also check out the beautiful waterfall hikes throughout the year. Kaaterskill Falls is almost a two-hour drive from our resort, but it’s worth a fantastic day trip! The stunning fall tower over 167 feet. That’s taller than the famous Niagara Falls!

Finding the perfect craft brew to cool you down after a hike, is easy when vacationing in the Catskills. Try out the new Honey Hollow Brewing Company for a delicious cold one. Need something a bit more sugary, try the Wayside Cider Company for a sweeter note. If you’re in the mood for fruity libations, try Windham Vineyard which will serve all your wine needs.

Leading Mountain Resort

However you choose to spend your vacation, on site or off, we’re sure you’ll be dazzled by the beauty of the Catskill Mountains. They may just keep you coming back for more each year. Whether it’s swimming under the hot summer sun, watching the flora of the mountains change before your eyes during the fall, plowing through the winter powder for fantastic skiing, or experience melting snow rush downstream to create stunning waterfalls throughout the mountains. There is truly something here for everyone, especially when vacationing with Villa Roma Resort at one of the leading Catskill resorts in New York.